How We Make It

    Once assembled the frame is moved into  the prep room and is  webbed with jute webbing, burlapped and then sprung by using  an eight way hand tying method as used by furniture    manufacturers in "the old days".

    Once the frame is  sprung and burlapped it is then ready to be  padded and upholstered. Only the best materials available are  used at our facility to produce the highest quality result we can  achieve.

         At Connors Design we start by constructing a custom size  frame. Most of the wood used in our frames is soft maple. Soft  maple is an extremely strong hardwood that is just soft enough to  accept nails for springing and staples for applying materials and  fabrics without splitting. The rails and post are cut to size and are  then double doweled and glued. The frame components are then  assembled by gluing and clamping them together and are then left  for several  hours to set up and dry. Finally corner blocks are added  to all four  corners for stability and strength.