Taking a lot of pride in our work,  everyone at Connor's Design LTD is an  important part of our team. What sets us  apart from other furniture makers is our  belief in teamwork and working toward the  single goal - The ultimate in custom made  high end upholstered furniture.

 About Us

   Connors Design is a group of professional craftsmen that  have been working together for decades. It is a well oiled machine  of individuals that combined will make a piece of furniture to  the specifications the most articulate designer can dream up.  Dan Connors, president and owner has over 38 years in the  upholstery business serving some of the finest designers in  the Boston area as well as the New York market. Most of the  other craftsmen have at least 30 years  experience including  Paul who began his career with Ethan Allen as one of their top  upholsterers and joined Connors Design over 30 years ago as  head upholsterer and  manager. Our facility includes a  complete furniture frame shop run by our frame maker Russ  who began his career as  a foreman for Ethan Allan and joined  our team over 25 years  ago.

   No matter what the job is, we put forth 100% every day until the project is  completed.  Nothing is out of our scope and no two designs or projects are  the  same. You can rest easy  knowing that our design teams don't put out cookie cutter  plans. Each piece is designed  and  crafted individually so customizing your pieces to  any style, length, width or depth is  never  an issue. We feel that your furniture  should fit you like a fine tailored suit. Quality  work and  superior customer service is  what has helped us make our mark.

   A Matter of              Detail