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     Welcome to our site. Connors Design has  been serving  some of the most talented  designers and design firms in  the Boston  and  New York areas for more than 38 years,    providing them with residential upholstery  creations of  the highest quality, utmost  luxury in comfort, and  impeccable  attention  to detail. Each piece of furniture  made here  is individually crafted by hand  using the  finest  materials available to the  trade. All  work is  custom made so fitting  any style  sofa, chair, or accent  piece into  your floor  plan is easy and second nature to  our staff.  Our facility is a complete in  house  workroom  which includes a state of  the art  frame room  so getting  your orders  completed on time for  installation is never a  problem. We thank you  for visiting our site  and hope that  you will  spend some time  viewing the following pages  so  you get a  feel for what we are all about.  We  also  welcome your phone calls to answer  any  questions you  might have. Thank  you.

                Dan Connors



  •      Complete in house design and manufacturing  facility

  •   Premium Down and Horsehair European   construction on our premium grade line

  • Economical grade also available

  • Over 150  combined years of upholstery  experience